Apple Will Launch Iphone 6SE instead of Iphone 7

Apple Will Launch  Iphone 6SE instead of Iphone 7:- Hello iphone lovers we are back with latest news on next generation iphone coming. All lovers were looking to buy iphone 7 ,the next generation iphone ,u can get next generation iphone but its Name would not be Iphone 7 . From the latest news it is confirmed today that iphone 7 is renamed to 6SE. This year iphone 7 will not be released. It is replaced by iphone 6SE. The reasons for not launching 7 is that this time APPle is not changing much features in his new phone .They give big changes every two year so next year iphone 7 would be launched. With completely new features.

So it might be a sad news for iphone lovers becouse they waited whole year for just iphone 7 and latest added new features . But not to get worried.  Apple will set upto your expectations they had added some new and exciting features which will be announced in few days and we will also disclose those to you. So only the name is changed to iphone 6SE.New features and looks will be announced soonly.


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Apple Will Launch Iphone 6SE instead of Iphone 7


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Apple will be launching iPhone 6SE in September instead of the much-rumoured iPhone 7 , so claims a report on German website The report, which cites supply-chain sources in China, claims that Apple has already produced packages with the ‘iPhone 6SE’ branding.
The reason for the name change is that the upcoming iPhone will be coming with minimal design iterations. So far, Apple gives complete design change to its iPhones every two years. While the ‘S’ variants largely come with internal changes.
And since last year’s models — iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus — were ‘S’ upgrades, users are expecting a design upgrade in iPhones this year.However, according to analysts, Apple is keeping big bang design changes for next year’s iPhone . As in 2017, Apple will be celebrating 10-th anniversary of its best-selling device. Rumoured to be called iPhone 8, it is expected to feature wireless charging, glass body around metal frame, bezel-free edge-to-edge display and AMOLED 4K screen. There are also rumours about possible use of display for Touch ID, which may lead to the elimination of home button.

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New Apple Iphone 6SE

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Iphone 6SE price

Iphone 6se Rumored Specifications:

As the flagship of Apple, no doubt this device will feature heaps of exclusive and premium specifications. Though official announcements are not made yet, the leaked reports are stating much more instructions regarding the expected specs and features of this cutting-edge flagship.

As per the report, iPhone 6SE will look identical to iPhone 6s. However, it will have few different specs than the previous one. The existing antenna bands are expected to shift to the edges, while the optic part is said to be empowered with a much higher and larger camera, and one 3.5mm headphone jack. It is also said that the gadget will sport a dual-camera setup in its rear portion which is expected to come with iPhone 7. The memory facility is likely to expand to 16GB along with an improved battery and a bigger screen in comparison to iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

We will keep you updating with latest more features announced by Apple officialy so stay tuned with us and share it with your friends and suggest them to switch to for iphone updates


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