Budhia Singh Born to Run Full Story

Budhia Singh Born to Run Full Story: After watching Budhia singh movie: You born to run,you wish for miracles in life. And anything that can to unlock own potential.When Budhia singh is of four years,Budhia run 65 km between Bhuubaneshwar to puri in a SEVEN HOURS. In the LIMCA BOOK of World Records as the ‘Youngest Marathon Runner In The World’. He is the world youngest marathon runner in the 2006 year. He began being hailed as ODISHA’s pride .As usually the case with films which state that they are inspired by true event.A fight between his coach and child .In this film will change the Budhiya life and end in his coach murder. Budhiya Singh run a marathon and is getting full support of his family.

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Budhia Singh Born to Run Full Story

Budhia’s running ability has led to celebrity status and he has appeared in a number of television commercials. These commercials and Budhia’s fame allegedly led to significant financial gains on the part of the late Mr. Biranchi Das, Budhia’s coach, which led to accusations of exploitation against Mr. Das, and an official inquiry by Indian child welfare officials was launched on 4 Jan 2006; however, Mr. Das refuted the allegations.

Budhia Singh Born to Run Movie Story

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By 2015, Budhia, now 13, was just like any other 150-odd children at the Kalinga stadium hostel in Bhubaneswar. He doesn’t run for kilometres anymore. Hours of rigorous session has reduced to 1–2 hours of conditional training per day. “He cannot even win his school race these days. Budhia used to run for kilometres. But his coach never tested his ability with other sprinters before he was shoved into the sports hostel… His future doesn’t look promising,” opines Sambit Mohapatra, a veteran sports journalist.

After running the record in marathon, Budhiya got admission in BHUBANESHWAR ‘s Sports hostel,it is the order of child welfare committee to provide a better education and trainer. After NINE years stay in hostel, Budhiya go to home living with his SISTER and MOTHER (Sukantio Singh).

Aftera long time, Budhiya wants to run a marathon again and he is get ful support of his family. But no one is helping him. His family is helping him every possible way but he is not getting a coach to give a proper training. His mom sad if he got a good coach he was run again in OLYMPICS.And again Budhiya run marathon.

Budhiya run 65 km marathon with the help of his coach Biranchi Das,who like his own son and trained him.Biranchi was murder by a gangsters. He miss own coach… His coach take a good care. He is a good trainer. He gives the good foods. He miss him every single moment.Manoj Bajpayee plays coach Biranchi Das with just the right mixture of truculence and affection.Director of budhia singh Soumendra Padhi had auditioned more than twelve hundred kids for the title role from different states including Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Pune, Delhi and Mumbai, before he finalized Mayur for the role.For more updates on this movie Stay connected with us.

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Manoj Bajpayee
Mayur Patole
Tillotama Shome

Soumendra padhi

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