Easy {Simple} Handmade Love Cards

Easy Simple Handmade Love Romantic Cards; Love is a True Feeling felt by Person to Person in this Beautifull World. It’s an Overwhelming Feeling felt by everyone atleast once in a Life. Express Your True Feeelings to your Love by making cute love cards for them.Cardmaking is the craft of hand-making greeting cards. Many people with interests in allied crafts such as scrapbooking and stamping have begun to use their skills to start making handmade cards. This has contributed to cardmaking becoming a popular hobby.

Traditional high street stores have begun to devote an increasing amount of their floorspace to handmade cards. Handmade products are now being seen by retailers as a way to increase margins, and handmade cards are no exception. This is particularly the case as mass-produced printed greeting cards have been faced with competition from electronic greeting cards. Over seven billion greeting cards were sent in the US alone last year; greeting cards are a multibillion-dollar business.

Easy Handmade Love Cards


Step 1 : Take any colour of sheet as per your Choice and Suitability. Cut it as per your choice of Size. Fold the sheet and mark a round cut from the corner.

Step 2 : Cut a small sheet of Heart shaped  and Paste on the middle of the Sheet

Step 3 : Cut a small sized cloud images and paste it behind the heart.

Step 4 : Atlast with the Blacl ball point pen make a basket below the Heart and draw some lines between basket and Heart.

More Choices Of Colour :-




Simple Handmade Love Cards


Common cardmaking materials include: cardstock, stencils, markers, vellum, tissue paper, glue, rulers and t-squares, rickrack, foil, sequins, beads, ribbon, acetate, paper embossing, die cutting machines and more. Other materials that can be used in cardmaking are brads, eyelets, tea bag medallions, and buttons. Brads can be used to hold the four corners of one piece of cardstock on top of another to create a layered effect. Eyelets can be used to draw a piece of string or ribbon from one side of the card to another. Tea bag medallions are a type of origami that makes a wonderful decoration for the front of a card. Pretty shaped buttons make nice additions to a design that is stamped on the card.

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