HTC Nexus Marlin (M1) and Sailfish (S1) Release Date, Price

HTC Nexus Marlin M1 and Sailfish S1 Release Date, Price: This is the generation, where not most of the people in fact everybody desires for something new high-tech, latest gadgets and with more advance features to become updated with new generation or according to their status. This is the time when all major companies and debut companies will be coming out with new and high-tech smart phones. These upcoming smart phones are just going to rock the technology world with their impressive features, awesome quality, uniqueness and fantastic look. The smart phone will have some signature specifications or same different new-gen features which will differentiate them from each other. Due to the market competition, the companies are just trying their best to be the market leader of 2016 and also to introduce best smart phones comparable to price and high-tech features

HTC Nexus Marlin (M1) Release Date, Price

HTC Nexus Marlin (M1) Sailfish (S1) (1)


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.This is the particular reason that we are getting daily new and new innovations from different brands. So this time guys we will introduce you with upcoming HTC and Google’s smart phones which is expected to release in two different devices of NEXUS Sailfish and Marlin.
The HTC has been selected by Google for the next best NEXUS upcoming smart phones. Previous phones were created with Huawai, but it looks like now contract is given to HTC and Google found the best partner for upcoming devices. This time two NEXUS devices are to be introduce Sailfish and Marlin, where Sailfish will be a budget smart phone and Marlin will be a really premium smart phone. HTC will surely using its advance technology in this smart phone to make it world famous, and yes guys this time we expect more innovative from this high-tech design smart phone.

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