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Iphone 6SE hd Wallpapers Images pics:-  From the latest news it is confirmed today that iphone 7 is renamed to 6SE. This year iphone 7 will not be released. It is replaced by iphone 6SE. The reasons for not launching 7 is that this time APPle is not changing much features in his new phone .They give big changes every two year so next year iphone 7 would be launched. With completely new features. It is anticipated that the New iphone,iphone 6SE gonna feature latest operating system,wtih plenty of new interesting features,new UI,smarter Siri,ultrafast processor and improved camera with new features.

Iphone 6Se might launch between the 6th to 13th of September. Globally the new phones are released worldwidely till the end of the month of september. The apple company is expecting abundant sale of their new iphone just after the releasing day ,till few first months after launching.

We have collected all the rumored pics of iphone 6SE from all of our available sources.So check out iphone 6SE latest images


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Iphone 6SE Pics

Iphone 6SE pics (2)



Iphone 6SE pics (3)



Iphone 6SE pics (5)



Iphone 6SE pics (6)



Iphone 6SE pics (4)


Iphone 6SE Images

Iphone 6SE images (2)



Iphone 6SE images (3)



Iphone 6SE images (4)



Iphone 6SE images (5)



Iphone 6SE images (1)


Iphone 6SE Photos

Iphone 6SE photos (4)



Iphone 6SE pics (1)




Iphone 6SE photos (5)



Iphone 6SE photos (6)



Iphone 6SE photos (1)



Iphone 6SE photos (2)


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More Details about iphone 6SE:

Physical design: The iphone 6SE is likely to get a substantial physical redesign after the largely identical iPhone 6/6s generations. It’s too early to know what direction Apple will pick, but it’s likely to be thinner than ever: removing the headphone jack would be one way to help achieve this, forcing music fans to use wireless Bluetooth headphones, or headphones that connect via the Lightning port, or an adaptor. Other design tweaks could include a flush camera and the removal of the antenna bars.


Battery life in the iphone 6SE may be a little better than in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but Jony Ive’s comments have made it plain that Apple doesn’t consider a higher battery life to be worth significant sacrifices in other areas and Apple’s larger-screen iPhones have decent batteries already. You can always buy the lovely new battery pack case…

Higher screen resolution is a possibility – Apple undermined its own ‘Retina is as sharp as your eyes can see’ myth with the iPhone 6 Plus, and the company is playing catchup against many of its rivals in terms of screen resolution. Apple may well take the higher pixel density that was exclusive to the iPhone 6 Plus  and apply it to all the models in the next generation; it could even raise the pixel density further than this, although we fear that this is unlikely. And a harder screen material would play well, whether Apple manages to resurrect the sapphire situation or goes with Corning’s new Project Phire.


16GB will surely be phased out as the lowest storage offering. It’s nowhere near enough in this day and age. We hope and expect the iphone 6SE to start at 32GB, with 64GB and 128GB options.The iphone 6SE could get a USB-C port, like the new 12-inch MacBook, but we think this is unlikely. The change from 30-pin to Lightning is recent enough that to switch again now would be highly controversial.

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