Iphone 6SE Rumors and Specifications

Iphone 6SE Rumors and Specifications:-  Hello peeps ,we are today updating you with new announced iphone 6SE. The stylish phone of the year is still under covers.We are collecting information regularly from various sources nad our personal advisers and some official Apple Members.  The most awaiting phone of the year is iphone 6Se. People have lots of expectations from the Apple.Apple would like to please their customers with their new iphone 6Se. Apple is working hard on the design of the iphone 6Se becouse the previous models of apple iphone 6 and 6 has same design and the body. There is no clear evidence that only one iphone will be released or two becouse previously two iphones were launched. so it is still not clear that iphone6se and 6Se plus would be released only. iphone 6Se will be presented in market,since  the cupertino,california based tech giant releases new IOS just before the launch of next generation phone.From the latest news and our previous post it was confirmed that iphone 7 is renamed to 6SE.They give big changes every two year so next year iphone 7 would be launched. With completely new features.

So it might be a sad news for iphone lovers becouse they waited whole year for just iphone 7 and latest added new features . But not to get worried.  Apple will set upto your expectations they had added some new and exciting features which will be announced in few days and we will also disclose those to you. So only the name is changed to iphone 6SE.New features and looks will be announced soonly.

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Iphone 6SE Rumors

iphone 6se pics


Yes, that’s still a good while from now. To help keep track of all the scuttlebutt, we’re collecting every rumor we’ve heard so far-and every new one that crops up between now and the day Tim pulls the new iphone out of his pocket. Then we’ll assess whether each rumor seems legit or absurd, and we’d love to hear your thoughts too. Enjoying the feel of iphone 6SE apple rumors about it are beginning to heat up. Updated on 07-28-2016 by Kyle Wiggers: Added reported image of and information about the iphone 6SE color configurations.
Here’s what we think we know about Apple’s next major smartphone, which is slated to release this September.


Untill the iphone 6Se is released no one can tell the exact additional features of the new generation iphone. Till then we are all getting info”s from latest coming rumors. Starting right from the name of new iphone.will it be called iphone 6SE or iphone 6SE pro.Iphone 6SE pro might be the name for the new phone of the apple in 2016.thev 3rd name coming is iphone only without any numeric number.

As per the report, iphone 6SE will look identical to iphone 6s. However, it will have few different specs than the previous one. The existing antenna bands are expected to shift to the edges, while the optic part is said to be empowered with a much higher and larger camera, and one 3.5mm headphone jack. It is also said that the gadget will sport a dual-camera setup in its rear portion which is expected to come with iphone 7. The memory facility is likely to expand to 16GB along with an improved battery and a bigger screen in comparison to iphone 6S and 6S Plus.


Iphone 6SE Specifications


Iphone 6SE price worldwide

For the last two years iphone is releasing their new phones in same price . That means we could well see the new iphone £539 for 16gb , £619 for 64gb,699 for 128 gb iphone 6SE.rumors also saying that we might see 256gb iphone 6SE also if it comes it will cost about £8oo.Their is also debate that iphone 6SE will might move to 32gb storage as lowest storage model.

iphone 6se images (2)

Iphone 6SE design

Water resistance
Bezel-less metal body
Redesigned antennas

This time people were expecting design change in the iphone,but there may not be much changes in design.We can get a new colour opiton as per the latest rumors about new generation phone.below is the latest image coming of iphone 6SE design

Iphone 6SE will be the slimmest iphone ever, slimmer than the 7.1mm-thick iphone 6S.The new iphone may also be water proof and dust resistance . You need not to worry about phone if any liqud falls on it,if iphone 6SE comes to be water resistance. You can take it any where and play with water keeping your iphone with you.new iphnoe would be free from camera bumps and antenana bands


Iphone 6SE Headphone Jack

Hottest news

  • No headphone jack
  • 3.5 mm adaptor for standar headphones in the box

Peoples are not quiet happu with this change as,they are worried that their headphone might not work on iphone 6SE. This change has very less chances to happen


Iphone 6SE screen

  • A sharper edge might be provided on new iphone 6SE
  • An edge to edge display might also be given

Apple is apparently likely to move to glass-on-glass screens, which opens up the possibility of a QHD or even a 4K display.the screen size may also be increase upto 4.7 to 5.5 inch


Iphone 6SE battery backup 

The main problem of iphones are shorter battery backup,all oof the iphones in the market have shorte battery life,which peoples dont want,they dont want to charge thier phones again and again. This time aplle is working hard to increse the battery life of iphone. This time a larger battery might be installed in iphone 6SE.A leak states that iphone 6SE might have the best battery of all apples products till now .


Iphone 6SE new ios and increased ram

The iphone 6SE will come with new ios ,ios 10 the latest one.It will come with many new features like ,it will improve siri conversation with people,siri group might also be available,better icloud uploading,more faster safari,auto face detection improvement in camera and many more features. The ram of new iphone may also be increased with the new ios 10 upto 3gb ram.While the previous models have ram upto 2gb only.

So iphone 6SE would be coming up with its many new features,components.New design might be introduced.Apple will try their best to ,keep customers trust on them .they will make phone usage as much easy as they can by adding many features.People also have lots of hopes from new iphone 6SE.As lots of peoples wait whole year only for the new iphone to come and to enjoy iphone services.Apple being a top brand keeps changing features in their products and keeps people interest in iphones.

We will keep you updating with latest more features announced by Apple officialy so stay tuned with us and share it with your friends and suggest them to switch to Sardarjistuff.com for iphone updates.


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