Iphone 6SE Rumors and Specifications

Iphone 6SE Rumors and Specifications:-  Hello peeps ,we are today updating you with new announced iphone 6SE. The stylish phone of the year is still under covers.We are collecting information regularly from various sources nad our personal advisers and some official Apple Members.  The most awaiting phone of the year is iphone 6Se. People have lots of expectations from the Apple.Apple would like to please their customers with their new iphone 6Se. Apple is working hard on the design of the iphone 6Se becouse the previous models of apple iphone 6 and 6 has same design and the body. There is no clear evidence that only one iphone will be released or two becouse previously two iphones were launched. so it is still not clear that iphone6se and 6Se plus would be released only. iphone 6Se will be presented in market,since  the cupertino,california based tech giant releases new IOS just before the launch of next generation phone.From the latest news and our previous post it was confirmed that iphone 7 is renamed to 6SE.They give big changes every two year so next year iphone 7 would be launched. With completely new features.

So it might be a sad news for iphone lovers becouse they waited whole year for just iphone 7 and latest added new features . But not to get worried.  Apple will set upto your expectations they had added some new and exciting features which will be announced in few days and we will also disclose those to you. So only the name is changed to iphone 6SE.New features and looks will be announced soonly.

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Iphone 6SE Rumors

iphone 6se pics


Yes, that’s still a good while from now. To help keep track of all the scuttlebutt, we’re collecting every rumor we’ve heard so far-and every new one that crops up between now and the day Tim pulls the new iphone out of his pocket. Then we’ll assess whether each rumor seems legit or absurd, and we’d love to hear your thoughts too. Enjoying the feel of iphone 6SE apple rumors about it are beginning to heat up. Updated on 07-28-2016 by Kyle Wiggers: Added reported image of and information about the iphone 6SE color configurations.
Here’s what we think we know about Apple’s next major smartphone, which is slated to release this September.

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