Karan Patel love Letter For Wife Ankita Bhargava

Karan Patel Letter Wife Ankita Bhargava;  hellooo friends,,love days ,and celebrities in full form.Karan Patel and Ankita Bhargava’s relationship was under scanner, a few months ago. The couple had time and again, come forward to clarify that all is well between them. Recently, Ankita and Karan had taken a break from their respective shoots and had been for honeymoon. The duo also uploaded beautiful pictures from their holiday, which proved that they are very much together.Karan Patel finds himself in the news for the wrong reasons 99 per cent of the time. However, this time the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein star has done something that’ll make everyone quite emotional. Today, it is Ankita Bhargava’s birthday and the actor has penned a letter exclusively for his beloved wife . The open letter has the actor admitting that he is not a perfect husband but is trying to get better. We are sure many husbands will identify with Karan’s sentiments.

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Karan Patel Letter For Wife Ankita Bhargava

Now, Karan Patel’s sweet gesture will prove all gossip mongers wrong, as he has written an open letter to his lovely wife Ankita for her birthday, which is tomorrow, 17th August. In his letter that he has shared with TOI, he calls his wife ‘the best wife in the world.’ Karan has thanked his wife for being patient and giving him a chance to change himself. He has also apologised to her for the hurt and pain that may have caused her because of him! He has also made some wonderful promises to his lovely wife. He thanks God for gifting her for him! Karan calls Ankita an ‘angel’. Karan had posted a picture from their recent holiday and wrote, “With @AnkzBhargava …. #ThrowBack #LondonTravels …. ready rehna biwi … Agli chutti bas ab kabhi bhi …!! Mwah.” A few days back, Karan had tweeted, “@AnkzBhargava … Cant say it in a better manner jaan. Thankyou for making my life the beautiful poetry its become.

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Karan Patel Letter For Wife Ankita Bhargava Birthday

Karan Patel Letter Wife Ankita Bhargava;
The happiest birthday to the Best Wife in the world. I’ve said I love you a million times to you but I should have rather said I love you and THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with a brat like me and making my life the beautiful poetry it has become. I’ve messed up far more number of times than anyone can imagine and you’ve been very patient and kept giving me chances to work upon myself. But today, I want to say SORRY for all the hurt and pain that my doings may have caused you. I cannot even in my wildest dreams think of taking my next breath without having you as my wife. I have been amazing at making promises but miserable at keeping them. So today, in the presence of everyone reading this, I want to make a few promises, which I will keep this time. I promise I will try not to repeat the mistakes I’ve made in the past. I promise I will try and bring more smiles on your face than tears in your eyes.(Karan Patel Letter Wife Ankita Bhargava)

I promise I will try and be the person you want me to become. And lastly, I promise I will try to be a better person, if not a better husband. It’s your birthday and you’re supposed to be getting gifts, but I think God changed the tradition and gifted YOU to ME instead. So with each passing day, I want to thank God for sending his most precious angel to me as my wife. I am sorry and I truly, deeply, madly, insanely, addictively and crazily LOVE YOU TO DEATH…! So, ANKITA KARAN PATEL (my name never sounded better) wish you a very very happy birthday my love. May you be showered upon with all that you ever wished for.

God bless….

Your not so perfect husband, KaranThats really sweet from karan .Stay connected to us for more updates.

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