Latest Punjabi Designer Suits, Plazo , Sharara Designs

Latest Punjabi Designer Suits, Plazo , Sharara Designs: The Punjabi suit is the traditional dress of women in the Punjab region. It is made up of a kurta or kameez and a straight cut salwar. In some parts of the Punjab region, men also wear the Punjabi suit.The Punjabi suit is cut differently to the styles worn in Balochistan and Afghanistan and is known as a “Punjabi suit” with the kameez being cut straight and flat with side slits (which is a local development as earlier forms of kameez did not have side slits). The salwar is wide at the top but fits closely to the legs and is gathered at the ankles. Latest Punjabi Designer Suits, Plazo , Sharara Designs The Punjabi salwar is also cut straight and gathered at the ankles with a loose band reinforced with coarse material. In rural Punjab, the salwar is still called the suthan. The Punjabi suit is popular in other regions of the subcontinent, such as Mumbai and Sindh. It is also popular in Afghanistan, where it is called the Punjabi.

Latest Punjabi Designer Suits

Latest Punjabi Sharara Designs (2)

Latest Punjabi Designer Suits (2)

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