The Legend Of Michael Mishra People Reviews

The Legend Of Michael Mishra People Reviews: This friday The legend of Michael Mishra movie is released. As the movie was low budget and trailers going just okk, so it was not expected to do anything bigger.The movie is looking cold in the theaters. Not such rush is seen for The Legend of Michael Mishra. The Directors and Producers wouldnt be happy with the performance of the lehgend of michael mishra. And While there have been reports of the film facing protests in Punjab owing to religious references, it won’t be wrong if it faces issues elsewhere owing to hurting the sensibilities of a ‘thinking’ moviegoer. For starters, the film is absolutely absurd. You wonder if the actors were given a valid script to begin with. It looks like they wore their own clothes, wrote their own lines and danced the way they wanted to without an expert guiding them whatsoever.

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Legend Of Michael Mishra Reviews

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Boman Irani is also a part of The Legend of Michael Mishra in the guise of a highway dhaba manager who doubles up as a raconteur bent upon talking up Michael Mishra’s madcap ways.A bus load of students have stopped over at the eatery and he fills them in with details of the Patna kidnapper turned lover boy’s exploits. He is a legend, the narrator insists. The captive audience is told the convoluted story of how the criminal had a change of heart at the behest of the woman he loved.The love story is another fluffy folderol. On the run from his tailoring shop after accidentally killing a thug, MM chances upon a neighbourhood girl dancing under a tree.

The two exchange hellos and her voice and manner of speaking get etched in the boy’s heart.
MM is still running when he is all grown up, complete with a bearded, long-maned look. He runs his gang of robbers and kidnappers from an abandoned haveli.

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