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Mere Angne Mein Latest Episode of 7th July,Death of vyom –

Mere Angne Mein is a family show dealing with the story of two families. One family is very rich with high living standard and other is a middle class family. In last episode riya and shivam both goes for coffee after along time. Shivam buys gift for riya to make her happy. At home Kaushalya makes food for Shanti (Amma ji). Preeti returns from market and shanti asks her that from where she is coming but preeti lies to shanti and tells that she came from temple. But Kaushalya shouts on her and says she went to market and they both argued. Shivam returns from coffee shop and gives gift to riya and when she sees she become happy and smiles and says I love you too shivam.

Both after long time smiled together and come back to home. Returning from the coffee shop riya tells shivam that she has listen gun shot in civil lines. At Sarla house door knocks and sarla tells rani to open the door. After Opening door sarla sees that pari comes and she cried. Pari tells her mother that namita has blamed her that she has affair with vyom.

Vyom died in Mere Angne Mein –

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Sarla tell her not to cry she will do something for her. Shivam and riya returned to home and daddi shanti asks that why they are too late then riya explained daddi that there was a rush as one brother shot the another. Sharmili calls makdi and tells that everything is destroyed and all happens because of her greed. Makdi tells that he will come there very soon then sharmili stops him and tells she will go to him. Namita alone walking on road remembers the moment spend with vyom and cries and decide not to live anymore and also in her imagination pari comes and blame her for everything. Thankfully preeti’s hubby comes and saves her for her wrong step.

Daddi and Kaushalya practice for the competition and riya teach them all the steps. Daddi tells Kaushalya to jump and she tries to jump but doesn’t match with daddi and daddi laughs at her. Then daddi tells Kaushalya to run and riya tells both to run in a coordination. Both gets tired and rest. Sarla and pari enters shanti sadan and start crying and tells all the blame which namita has put on pari about vyom. Daddi and everyone decide to scold namita for this and tell her to correct her mistake.

Then only namita enters with preeti’s hubby and started crying and saying everything destroyed but no body knows that vyom is no more alive. Kaushalya slaps namita for blaming pari then preeti’s hubby stops her and tells everyone that vyom is dead and Kaushalya faints and everyone is in shock. Lets see how shanti will overcome all the problem faced by her family.

Mere Angne Mein Latest Episode of 7th July, Vyom died

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