Mohenjo Daro Movie Review by Audience

Mohenjo Daro movie Review Audience : Hello everyone today is big day for bollywood industry.As two of the biggest stars of bollywood industry hrithik and Akshay kumar will be fighting with each others on box office.Their movie Mohenjo daro and rustom has released today .The movies have completely different stories and two varieties are given to audince today .Mohenjo daro in terms of expenditure is made up of more than 100 crore out of which 50 crore only is paid to hrithik roshan.So lets have a look on the audience responce about mohenjo daro and movie reviews.

We have collected mohenjo Daro Movie review and Audience response. From tweeter just a few minute ago people views are given below after watching movie with the time of tweet.EnjoyMohenjo Daro movie hot images (2)

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Mohenjo daro movie review


Chitrani ‏@DrChitrani 22s22 seconds ago
Celebrating freedom with #MohenjoDaro …first day show!!Hoping to enjoy😊

Hrithik ❥ Nisha ‏@iNisha 52s52 seconds ago
Just entered in @_PVRCinemas Avani Audi! #MohenjoDaro Show is abt to begin!All set to travel back in lost era! 😍🙌🤘🎉

Nisha Pandit ‏@Inceptionji 2m2 minutes ago
On similar grounds of #MohenjoDaro , #Rustom saved by @akshaykumar brilliant act and here songs are good too
My rating 3/5* ..

Alfred Borden ‏@HrithikKaaBhakt 4m4 minutes ago View translation
@iHrithik Sir Rakesh Ji ka ek gaana yaad aaya… Tumse badhkar duniya mein na dekha koi aur zubaan par aaj dil ki baat aa gayi #MohenjoDaro

Addy_the teddy
@iHrithik Firstly A warm thanks for giving us Masterpiece ! Mohenjo-Daro
You ruled once again mine heart
Hrithik sir #you_nailed it 👌

prakash wagle ‏@sweetprakas 5m5 minutes ago
@iHrithik first day n first show, love #Hrx #sarman #mohenjodaro ur epic acting just wow… From #Nepal

Mohenjo Daro movie Review Audience by chandra choudhury ‏@chandra25oct 5m5 minutes ago
Saw #MohenjoDaro Awesome move @iHrithik 😊

Mohenjo Daro Audience review

Mritunjay singh ‏@Mritunjayraina 6m6 minutes ago Gurgaon, India
@mbaudino @akshaykumar good movie for the weekend watchalble .. #Rustom wait for hour will tell u best one for weekend #MohenjoDaro

Meher Kilaru ‏@Kilaruness 6m6 minutes ago
Damn you SHOULD watch the Barbarian fight in #MohenjoDaro. @iHrithik can even FIGHT with his eyes. Best sequence in the movie so far.

Ritika Handoo ‏@ritikahandoo 7m7 minutes ago
And Hrithik Roshan can swim like God #MohenjoDaro

Umair Sandhu
#MohenjoDaro took BUMPER Opening in South India ! @iHrithik has Massive Fan Following in AP, TN & Kerala.

Raees !! ‏@RaeesHere 8m8 minutes ago

Hrithik Rockd..
story lit bit slow before interval..
but post interval its the best..

Hrithik at his best..


Mohenjo Daro movie hot images (4)


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കോമാളി 2.0 ‏@d_kOmaaLi 8m8 minutes ago
Mohenjo-Daro disappointed

Tejan Shrivastava ☔ ‏@BeingTeJan 9m9 minutes ago
Both #MohenjoDaro and #Rustom are getting Mixed Response.

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Nisha Pandit ‏@Inceptionji 9m9 minutes ago
My genuine rating for #MohenjoDaro is 2.5/5 , note 1.5 * 🙌 is given to @iHrithik ‘s acting which saved the movie

Shashank Panchbhai ‏@iShashankDuggu 10m10 minutes ago
@iHrithik !NCRED!BLE Best 🙂 #MohenjoDaro is the most pure movie I ever saw in my life. Awesome Characterization Sir 🙂 U rocked again 🙂

Prashanth Regalla ‏@regal_prashanth 11m11 minutes ago
#MohenjoDaro nothing new or exciting…I feel hritik is too urbane to pull off Sarman…one of the weakest movies of him..

Prabhas ‏@PrabhaSanu 11m11 minutes ago
@iHrithik knows how to entertain his fans.. Mohenjo Daro movie Review Audience and again he proved it #MohenjoDaro 💪💪💪

@santoshReach 12m12 minutes ago

Mohenjo Daro movie hot images (1)

Mayank Tiwari ‏@mayankredkop 13m13 minutes ago
@hunkyzab for once whats the differnce u cld make out whn u watch troy based on true event and hercules based on stories same as mohenjoDaro

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 Gautam Bhalla  ‏@Director_Gautam 13m13 minutes ago Mumbai, India
#TuHai is a revelation @arrahman your a true genius… #Mohenjodaro theme song – #TheSpiritOfMohenjodaro,2nd half begins…

Rajendra Sharma Mohenjo Daro movie Review Audience‏ @etvrajendra 14m14 minutes ago
@hegdepooja you did great work in #MohenjoDaro @iKabirBedi no doubt no one other can do better than u , I say #MohenjoDaro #movieoftheyear

Nisha Pandit ‏@Inceptionji 14m14 minutes ago
#MohenjoDaro is really a worst movie but @iHrithik acting is the reason you should watch it once
tridibojha ‏@itridib 8m8 minutes ago
watched fbfs of #MohenjoDaro
my god what a film !!
@iHrithik u rocked !!

Bakaasur ‏@surrealzakir 1m1 minute ago
Bakaasur Retweeted Girish Johar
Uffff Mohenjodaro cost is huge…. This is not a gud sign

Akira Ashweta ‏@Ashweta_Deo 2m2 minutes ago
@iHrithik #MohenjoDaro looks superb sir. All the best, keep on shining and keep on inspiring. Love you❤️

Sumit kadel ‏@Sumitrajkadel 3m3 minutes ago
#MohenjoDaro is a wasted opportunity, film is quite boring & slow. Huge let down. @iHrithik & action is d only saving grace . Il give 2*\5*

Thats all about reviews of the movie we will be back in some hours about the first bay box office collection of mohenjo daro and rustom movie reviews.So stay connected to us.

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