MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 – 6th August 2016 Written update (wu)

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 – 6th August 2016 Written update wu : Splitsvilla 9 (Where Womens Rule) -Episode 11 In Splitsvilla 9 episode 11 lots of thing changed in this episode. Today two Wild Card entries  of Boys came into the Villa and both are Brothers named Ayaan and Zain . In Patate Raho Session Ranvijay and Sunny announced that every Male contestant have to impress the Queens. First Perfomance was given by Varun to Impress her only connection Martina and which he did in a Superb way. He showed his Strength by making Pushups, Single Hand Pushups and Flying Pushups. And also he made Martina to sat on his back and he did Pushups and he made Mouth open of all the Queens. Then Archie came and showed some moves of dance to impress her connection and current Evil Queen Rajnandini. Nikhil came and sang a song on Guitar for her connection Mia Lakra. Karan Chabra did a comedy and showed his quality of Acting to impress the Queens and his connection ShreeRadhe.

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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 – 6th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Then after Roadies X2 Finalist Gurmeet came and show some excellent stunts and he impressed his connection Kavya. The last performance was performed by Karan Khanna. He performed a classic Dance to Impress the queens and her connection with Wild card Entry girl Priya. The dance he performed was superb and Flawless. After his Performance everybody gave the standing ovation and he said that  it was a Gesture for Fresh Startup with his connection Priya and his very close Friend Karan Chhabra and ShreeRadhe because in last episode everybody came to know that Karan Khanna and ShreeRadhe had some intimate time on Pool accidently and both Karan Khanna and ShreeRadhe apolozized to Karan Chhabra.keep tracking MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 11 – 6th August 2016 Written update 

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Then Ranvijay said that both the Wild Card Entry Boys have some Special Powers.And By using those Powers both of them will give the Golden Bracelet to two Queens to fight for Contendership of Second Throne of Queen.Then everybody went to the villa and all the Queens talked with both the Brothers Ayaan and Zain. Then everybody came to the Battleground and Ranvijay asked to both Ayaan and Zain to give the Golden Bracelet to those Queens who convinced them. Ayaan gave the Golden Bracelet to Martina and Zain gave the Golden Bracelet to Mia. Then Four queens selected Martina,ShreeRadhe,Mia and Kavya to fight for the Second throne of Queen. Kavya was asked to Fight with whom ? Then she took Mia’s Name. The task was something like this ,Firstly Queens have to select two male contestant,then after they have to win two rounds out of total three rounds. In the First round Both the queens had to first Stand on the one End of the Log and on the second end their selected male contestant will Hold the log to balance the log so that by standing one one side both the Queen will hit each other and the queen who make other queen fall in the water will win the First Round. In second Round thier selected male contestant will fight against each other same as first Round.

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