MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 |13th August 2016 Written update (wu)

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 13th August 2016 Written update : We all saw last week that Kavya Khurana as a new Queen in last episode 11 of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and after winning she made clear to Evil Queen Raj Nandini that enough of your Stupid Decisions, now you gone face tough time. After that everybody went to Villa. Next Morning a scroll came to Perform a task for Boys of the Villa except Gurmeet and Nikhil. The task was like that all the boys except Gurmeet and Nikhil have to sell some things outside the Villa in the city between the People by Wearing only Boxers and those who will have the maximum collection of money,they will be safe from the Dumping ground. Then three pairs of boys were made. Varun and Karan Chhabra were in the one team,both the dancers Archie and Karan Khanna were in the one team and both the brothers Zain and Ayaan were together to Perform a task.

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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Written update (wu)

Then all the three Pairs of Boys went in the city and started selling the items by making lots and lots of efforts to earn more money from other pairs. Varun and Karan Chhabra did some comedy and pushups to impress the Peoples. Both the Brothers showed their Physique attracted girls and convinced many Peoples. Archie and Karan Khanna used their dancing skills and stunt skills by Karan Khanna Specially to Impress Lots of peoples. Then after Performing the task all the boys came to the Villa where Ranvijay, Sunny Leone, both the Queens Kavya and Raj Nandini and all the girls were already waiting for them.

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All the Boys settled down and Ranvijay said “Let’s get to the Result of the Task”,starting with the lowest score with 1800 Rs collected by Zain and Ayaan. Then he disclosed the highest collection of amount of Rs 5370 by Archie and Karan Khanna with a differnce of only 70 Rs collected by Varun and Karan Chhabra of Rs 5300. By this Archie and Karan Khanna were safe from the Dumping . Everybody went to the villa to get Ready for Dumping Ground. In the Dumping ground both the Queens and all the Splitsvillans came. Today in the Dumping Zone there were Four Boys standing Ayaan, Zain, Varun and Karan Chhabra. But Before Dumping Ranvijay asked to everybody to know about all the connection .

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