MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 |13th August 2016 Written update (wu)

MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 13th August 2016 Written update : We all saw last week that Kavya Khurana as a new Queen in last episode 11 of MTV Splitsvilla 9 and after winning she made clear to Evil Queen Raj Nandini that enough of your Stupid Decisions, now you gone face tough time. After that everybody went to Villa. Next Morning a scroll came to Perform a task for Boys of the Villa except Gurmeet and Nikhil. The task was like that all the boys except Gurmeet and Nikhil have to sell some things outside the Villa in the city between the People by Wearing only Boxers and those who will have the maximum collection of money,they will be safe from the Dumping ground. Then three pairs of boys were made. Varun and Karan Chhabra were in the one team,both the dancers Archie and Karan Khanna were in the one team and both the brothers Zain and Ayaan were together to Perform a task.

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MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 Written update (wu)

Then all the three Pairs of Boys went in the city and started selling the items by making lots and lots of efforts to earn more money from other pairs. Varun and Karan Chhabra did some comedy and pushups to impress the Peoples. Both the Brothers showed their Physique attracted girls and convinced many Peoples. Archie and Karan Khanna used their dancing skills and stunt skills by Karan Khanna Specially to Impress Lots of peoples. Then after Performing the task all the boys came to the Villa where Ranvijay, Sunny Leone, both the Queens Kavya and Raj Nandini and all the girls were already waiting for them.

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All the Boys settled down and Ranvijay said “Let’s get to the Result of the Task”,starting with the lowest score with 1800 Rs collected by Zain and Ayaan. Then he disclosed the highest collection of amount of Rs 5370 by Archie and Karan Khanna with a differnce of only 70 Rs collected by Varun and Karan Chhabra of Rs 5300. By this Archie and Karan Khanna were safe from the Dumping . Everybody went to the villa to get Ready for Dumping Ground. In the Dumping ground both the Queens and all the Splitsvillans came. Today in the Dumping Zone there were Four Boys standing Ayaan, Zain, Varun and Karan Chhabra. But Before Dumping Ranvijay asked to everybody to know about all the connection .

Then Kavya said she has a strong connection with Gurmeet, Raj Nandini has strong feelings for Archie, Varun and Martina both love each other, Shree Radhe said she has apolized to Karan Chhabra for her mistake and He gave her also an another chance because both of them has a True Feelings for each other, Mia said she has a connection with Nikhil and Isha said there is something very special between her and Abhishek. Only Priya denied to have connection with Karan Khanna because of the Intimacy happened between Karan Khanna and Shree Radhe. She said they can be friends but not more than that but she said there’s something special feeling between her and Ayaan. She said she don’t know that they are Friends or more than that but there’s something very special between both which she likes.

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MTV Splitsvilla 9 13th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Sunny said everybody is having love connection, which she likes the most. Then Ranvijay said lets get back to the Dumping and he asked who does want to open “The Book Of Fortune” , Varun, Priya, Nikhil, Ayaan, Martina raised the hands. Finally The Book Of Fortune Opened it was read by Sunny. It was written that the boys standing in the Dumping Zone has already got two chances to save themselves but if they failed nobudy can save them now, Dump the Boys and get back to The Book Of Fortune Again. Then Ranvijay gave First chance to New Queen Kavya to dump a boy. Before the decisions of both the Queens Archie said that Varun and Karan Chhabra has lost the task just by only 70 Rs and Both of them deserves to be in the Villa so take your decisions Wisely and Gurmeet personally requested to Evil Queen Raj Nandini to save his very close and gud friend Varun and even Martina also requested Raj Nandini to save Varun.Continue: MTV Splitsvilla 9 Episode 12 13th August 2016 Written update.

Then After listening everyone Kavya took a decision and she dumped Karan Chhabra which shocked everyone. Martina had a little arguement this Decision with Kavya that even knowing that Varun is in Danger zone she dumped Karan Chhabra who is a very good friend of Raj Nandini. After a little arguement then its for rajnandni to take decision by seeing that Kavya has dumped his good friend .. she said that today she has decided to dump Ayaan but after Kavya’s decision she has changed her mind and she Dumped Varun . Everyone shocked and then Rajnandni said I done this because Kavya made me to do this. Martina started crying and says her stop gaining sympathy now you took your decision and everything is done so don’t show this fake feelings.

Then Kavya said Martina please stop crying let Book Of Fortune’s next page to be open andI still hope there will be something good for my friend. Then Sunny turned the page read that in this Villa we have seen the Sacrifices for love earlier but now its a time to sacrifice for Friendship means both the Queens has given chance to save their friends and after the decisions come back to read another page of Book Of Throne. Ranvijay asked to Kavya’s decision and she said I am leaving my throne because its a very simple decision for me to leave my throne for Varun beacuse if i made him to leave the Villa then how could i miss the chance to bring him Back. For me the tough decision was to dump Karan Chhabra, its an easy and simple decision for me. Then Gurmeet, Varun. Martina, Abhishek, Nikhil came hugged Kavya so tightly.

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Now it was Evil Queen Raj Nandini’s turn and she said here everybody used to taunt me that i hadn’t earn this Throne so next time I will earn this throne and then I will sit here and she left her Throne and saved Karan Chhabra and Shree Radhe both because when Kavya made her decision to dump Karan Chhabra then Shree Radhe stood up and said its not about to win the game here, I truly love karan and I want to spend rest of my life with him only so if he will be not here in the villa then how could I live here and she walked to him and made a decision that if Karan will Leave the Villa then I will also go with him. But After Raj Nandini’s decision both Karan and Shree Radhe came to her hugged her and thanked her for this. Everybody came and sat with their Partners and Friends.

Then little arguement between Kavya and Raj Nandin happened and Kavya said her to be in limits otherwise it will not be gud for you. Then Raj replied to her that who the hell are you to talk to me like this get lost and mind your own Business. After a lillte arguement Sunny sait wait there is another page to be read out and she turned the page start reading and its written that both the Queens showed the Power of Friendship ,it seems good but its unfair to both the Queens if they will not get their position back so Book Of Throne decided to give both the Queens their Position back and again both Kavya and Raj Nandini  became the Queens of the Villa.

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