Singer Mukesh Biography

Singer Mukesh Biography;   Today is birthday of Legendary SInger MUkesh.
 Biography of Mukesh Chand Mathur was born in Ludhiana to Zorawar Chand Mathur and Chand Rani. He was the sixth among ten children in the family and therefore as was the tradition during those days had to put an end to his education immediately after completing his junior school years. Zorawar Chand Mathur was an engineer by profession and it was quite natural for Mukesh to follow the footsteps of his father. Mukesh Chand Mathur shifted base to Delhi after the 10th standard and became an employee of the Department of Public Works. But destiny had different plans for this talented young man.

It is said that Mukesh Chand Mathur was always inclined towards cultivating his voice, but because of the constant pressure in a family of ten children, had not the opportunity to do so.

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