Teenager Romantic love Story, true love story

Teenager Romantic love Story, true love story:-  A story of a school cute guy….That day,I still remember,when after lot of insisitance I got 5rs form dad,because I listened in class when she was saying I really like golgppas,and girl I was really liking u. Our homes were Near to each other and on the way their was a shop of golgppas named “kailash golgppe waala” .

from school to home their were two ways .i walks from golgappa shop way daily and you from the second path. On that day I was really happy I was having 5 coins of 1 rupees each and I was feeling like king of the world that time. Because  in those days five rupees has lots of value. I was wearing navy blue school pant. Maybe I had first time got five rupees together, and I was really wanting u to surprise with gogppas treat.

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