Teenager Romantic love Story, true love story

Teenager Romantic love Story, true love story:-  A story of a school cute guy….That day,I still remember,when after lot of insisitance I got 5rs form dad,because I listened in class when she was saying I really like golgppas,and girl I was really liking u. Our homes were Near to each other and on the way their was a shop of golgppas named “kailash golgppe waala” .

from school to home their were two ways .i walks from golgappa shop way daily and you from the second path. On that day I was really happy I was having 5 coins of 1 rupees each and I was feeling like king of the world that time. Because  in those days five rupees has lots of value. I was wearing navy blue school pant. Maybe I had first time got five rupees together, and I was really wanting u to surprise with gogppas treat.

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I really manged my guts and asked her Julie will u like to go with me home from my way Although we were good friends but not that much that she can trust me and come with me. She said no,rudely.i again asked here with crying face,come please I have surprise for you.she got more angry. And she left me and started walking other way,because in class I had naughty image.

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Teenager Romantic Love story

With sad heart I also started walking for home. Then she surpsrisingly came and said wait i m coming but uu have to keep distance of 4 feets from me. And this was my class image results.I smiled and said okk lets go. Then we started walking .I was talking to my heart that ,today I will offer to her,favourite golgppas and she might think good for me from today onwards.I was very happy.Hearts were sparkling from my eyes.. Then we reached the shop . I asked her to stop.

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She said why.i told her that we will have golgppas today. She got excited and said yes sure why not and smiled.in those day 3 golgppas were of 1 rs.i told kailash ,bhaiya pls give us golgppas of 5rs .He said yes bro,is she your girlfriend. I smiled and said no no bhai ,stop kidding.  Kailash bhaiya had just put golgppa in your plate and u were about to eat then you screamed Ravi Ravi.

And within few seconds a smart guy,might be of other school came their  with his new bike karizma and said jyoti lets go for the movie “kaho naa pyaar Hai”. I have two tickets. She said Haaaaye khritik roshan movie,jumped in air ,throwed golgppas said sorry Ankit ,today I m going for movie with someone.

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Romantic Love Story

I understood who was someone

She sat on the bike,hugged that guy and was leaving away from my eyes . I was watching her hairs as she was going away and agay. Kailash bhaiya also become said for me.He had ters in eyes. He said leave bro .these girls cant understand true love.she cleared my tears also. Still some golgappas were left. I was eating each golgppa and reminding her memories to heart,when I saw her first time, next golgppas,when she was laughing in the class ,next golgppa,when she sang song in annual function ,next golgppa when she sat with me in class one day.Golgappas finished but her memories not . I took my bag and started walking home and remembering her………For more teenage love stories .keep visiting sardarjistuff.com. if u like plss comment .and share on facebook and other social natworking sites.

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