Top 10 Special Patriotic Songs -Independence Day {15th August}

Top 10 Special Patriotic Songs Independence Day 15th August: Independence day will be celebrated tomorrow ,we are updating you with the patriotic songs on this occasion.Lets have a look about first significance of !5th August. Independence Day, is observed annually on 15 August is a national holiday in India commemorating the nation’s independence from the British Empire on 15 August 1947. India attained independence following an Independence Movement noted for largely nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian National Congress (INC). Independence coincided with the partition of India, in which the British Indian Empire was divided along religious lines into the Dominions of India and Pakistan; the partition was accompanied by violent riots and mass casualties, and the displacement of nearly 15 million people due to sectarian violence.

On 15 August 1947, Jawaharlal Nehru, who had become the first Prime Minister of India that day, raised the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi. On each subsequent Independence Day, the prime minister has raised the flag and given a speech.
Millions of Muslim, Sikh and Hindu refugees trekked across the newly drawn borders in the months surrounding independence.In Punjab, where the borders divided the Sikh regions in halves, massive bloodshed followed; in Bengal and Bihar, where Mahatma Gandhi’s presence assuaged communal tempers, the violence was mitigated. In all, between 250,000 and 1,000,000 people on both sides of the new borders died in the violence.While the entire nation was celebrating the Independence Day, Gandhi stayed in Calcutta in an attempt to stem the carnage. On 14 August 1947, the Independence Day of Pakistan, the new Dominion of Pakistan came into being; Muhammad Ali Jinnah was sworn in as its first Governor General in Karachi.

Top 10 Special Patriotic Songs Independence Day 15th August

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