Written Update {wu} |Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Episode

Written Update wu Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Episode: So the episodes starts from here that krishna ask gopi to take rest plss .. t .. then premila came there and ask krishna that she kept her bag in car .. and krishna replied that he will not going anywhere till gopi willl all right .. then gopi say him plss dont do this go there as u r waiting for this from many many years .. iu u not go there then i dont fel good for that u pls go .. and krishna replied ok i ill go but promise me that u take rest for atleast  2 days on the bed .. promise me and gopi said ok .. and by taking premila blessings and prays  krishna levaes from there .. and then mansi ask gopi if she need anything plss call me i am outside ,, okk and she close the door from outside .. and she asks premila that no problem if this time i will not able to do anything that doesnt mean in future this will not happen i will attck gopi agains ..

Then URmilla receives a order from a delievery boy and ask him who has order this delievry boy said this order is from this house..Kokilla checks and see that there is bill of rs 5000 and address if modi bhavan // and suddenly pari came there and say that she ordered food and leaves from there by paying money .. then urmilla said i think she is now back in drama again /..and i also she trying to show love to mona as she slapped her yesterday ..keep reading Written Update wu Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Episode

Then Vidya ask to Meera why she is doing this and want to create a rift between sharavan and dharam why .. meera by here ugly and annoying face ask her that she loves to do that .. then naiya and prakash meet each other in store room where they plans for final attack to destroys both sisters . and he said i will make sch situatin and problems that they will neither live nor die .. and naiya then prakash that she will take around a look that someone coming or not .. when she came out she got clash with dharam and start stammering . dhram ask what happens and why she is here in store room .. then naiya said that she is here to look for curtains and saw that they were very dirty .. then dharam said y u vame here go n tell servants to do .. then  and levaes.

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Written Update of Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th August 2016 Episode

Gopi is in pain and she thinking that she will not ask kokila for her accident .. then she tried to pick water muh but that was empty so she ask mansi but noone there .. then in premila rooms mansi get angry and say you need to kill Gopi at once .. and prmila then said that not to worry and hurry .. then gopi went to kitchen and opens fridge for waterbottle but bottles fall down and then mansi came there ask her to go to room she wil get water for uh …

Gopi went back to home and thinking why mansi has not come yet ..then mani came there with water and ask her to drink . as she enters shw got a call and she leaves from there then gopi tries to drink but glass fall dow and then she start drinking with her tongues like animals .. and mansi and premila smiling by seeing this from outside and mansi say to premilla that she will make her life like a bad life and thras her like this broken glass ,,its just a beginning Premila .. gopi cries then..

Urmilla is pampering a baby with naming her seeta .. while sleepimg then sona came there by holding another baby saying that this baby is seeta and that 1 is geeta .. then door bells rings and premila was there  kokila is evrything allright why she came there at this time ,, premila said that she dont need to see the time to meet to u al .. and she gave sweets to kokila to came to her house for gopi muh dikhai as she wanted to meet her this a conditon to meet Gopi ,, and by blssng babies premila leaves from there and kokila then ask his family to get ready so that thet all are going to gopi sasural to met her daughter gopi .. and she is blushing ..

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Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 13th Aug 2016 Episode written update

Then praksh as a kidnapper ask her if she wants priyall back arrange 1 crore as soon as possible .. and she asked her when she gpoing to meet her mama he said as drawing finish then ..

Sona then says to kokila after they slept she has to swing both seeta and geta for atleast one hour more .. and then Sokila said go n rest then .. she say i should go //  then kokila said that she is thinking to goft something to gopi ,, then pari said that she need necklace also .. then kokila take paris to her home ask her to select necklace for her .. and Pari said that she gave one one necklace to botha sona and mona also .. she then picks one jewellery and ask that this one she wil gift her …and episodes ends

So in next episode premila said that she is very ,much happie and excited for the muh dikhai of gopi but on this occassion gopi is not at home ….

Stay connected for next episode.lets meet tomorrow.If u like plzz comment and share.

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