Yeh hai mohabbatein 11th july 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh hai mohabbatein 11th july 2016 Written Update Episode:-The episode starts with nidhi and she taunts ishita that she has done so much practice to stay ruhi back but she has no changed her mind and will go back with her. Ishita cries in front of ruhi and begs for staying with them as all of them can’t live without her and that’s why all of them has tried a lot to make ruhi say back. Ruhi shouts on ishita and tell her to stop her drama and says that I can see their fakeness and I know everyone will become same after ward, romi will go back to his home, raman will marry shagun.

And if ishita and raman loves each other a lot then why raman agree to marry shagun and I know that how ishita and raman lives in a room one on couch and other on

Yeh hai mohabbatein 11th july 2016 Written Update Episode

 I know its a game just as you told pihu and you all wants to win this game but I will not let you win this game and will not be a part of this game.Raman innocently says that its nothing like that. Ruhi tells everyone that fine you all have to prove this that it is truth and ishita and raman both has to marry. Everyone shocked after listening this. Ruhi says that she want to see who is saying truth and asks raman and ishita that why they both are quite answer her will they marry. Raman says yes they will marry and if after marrying ruhi will stay here that he can do this also. Shagun goes. Nidhi tells ruhi that they will not do anything like this just her your bag and we will go back.

Yeh hai mohabbatein 11th july 2016 wu full EpisodeYeh Hai Mohabbatein

 And also says that raman is just acting he will not do so. Ishita says to nidhi that to listen for last time that My husband and I will marry. Nidhi says that no one can marry in this house look at me and shagun Ishita ask her to leave.Nidhi says to ishita that she must be knowing her place in raman’s life but ishita tells her that this is for ruhi and she can do anything for ruhi and, she no need to think much about them. Nidhi raise her hand but romi stop her and tell ashok to take her back otherwise I will forget partnership and friendship anymore. Ashok takes nidhi back. Mrs. Bhalla tells neelu to get sweets. A

Ashok tells nidhi to be calm and we had to think something new. Ishita asks raman that why he has not refuse to marry me. Raman tells that all this is for ruhi and if doing this ruhi stay back than he will do this. Ishita says and what about shagun you must ask shagun for this. Shagun enters and tell both that they have to marry each other for ruhi and raman was always of ishita and ishita of raman. So both must marry and she has no problem in this. Nidhi and ashok plan to kidnap ruhi but ashok wants his name out of this and nidhi promise him that his name will not come out. And also nidhi calls ruhi but because of pihu she refuse to talk to her. Will ishita marry raman?? Will ruhi be kidnapped??

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