Yeh hai mohabbatein 12th july 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh hai mohabbatein 12th july 2016 Written Update Episode:- The episode starts when amma gets gift.Amma panics and says we have to do lots of arrangment for ishita and raman’s marriage. Mihika and adi are also doing arrangments.raman tells mrs bhalla that he cant do tamilian rituals,tell those madarasis . she says that ruhi wants to see this. we are doing it for ruhi only. then raman agrees finally. Adi says i have called a saree shop guy he will choose saare from the,then shagun smiles.

Aaliya hear iyers talking about ishita and raman’s marriage. Adi gets aaliya and says that someone told me that we those hurt for those we care,sorry,our friendship is imp to me,i dont want you to get annoyed with me.papa and ishima are marrying so that ruhi can live with us. aaliya honestly replies that she is not happy for him and ishita.Aaliya cries and leaves. ladies choose the saare.amma gifts a saree to ruhi and says that ,this is custom ,the one who makes bride and groom match is gifted always,so you deserve this.

Mihika reminds ruhi that she weared saree in her childhood also. Ruhi says but….amma says i’ll make u wear saare.amma makes ruhi ready in saare and makes her Hairs like ishita do. Everyone is smiling and giving compliments to ruhi and ishita. mrs bhalla says ishita to get madarasi jewellry for her and ruhi ,ruhi says i’ll chsnge.Amma tells her to go like this.Ruhi sirs in the car and they leaves. The goons arrive their and tells Ashok that they will kidnap ruhi whenever they will get the chance.they follows ishitas car. The goons reach the market they identifiy ruhi from her saare,but they does not see her face.


Yeh hai mohabbatein 12th july 2016 Written Update Episode

He says that’s ruhi and kidnaps her using chloroform. They put her in the car and leaves.Mani talks on phone and asks man to get  gift delivered. Aaliya gives him coffee he thanks her. he says i choose these bangle for wedding. she asks him not to hide emotions after talking for few minutes she hugs mani. he says Amma called and invited us in lagan patrika ceremony. we will go together in marriage.

Amma does her rituals and gifts clothes and other things to raman.raman say it was not needed amma.she says its all rituals. Raman tells adi and everyone that he wants simple marriage,dont know what nidhi will do. he goes. Mihika aska romi why did he gets upsets ,he tells ihvae sort out some talks with someone before marriage. She asks who. he says raman. i want to talk to him romi says

Ashok asks nidhi to have food,she has to travel know,she is worried. he asks her to relax. he asks him to call goons once. if quite time they have left from market. He says it will happen as we want.amma compliments aaliya and says that i have called mani in marriageshe asks aaliya to wear small gajras. Vandu takes aaliya aside to talk about baala. she asks what happened,tell me,i shared my personel life,i m like your mom .

Yeh hai mohabbatein 12th july 2016 wu full Episode

aaliya says dont feel bad she is happy with ishita’s marriage.but i wanted her to stay with my appa. she wont come with me know. i dont know how i will live without her. vandhu replies that she will stay here,the next door,you stay here we all enjoy,smie. aaliya thanks her and says her did you have any work she says yes. baala turned strange and says i thought she get attracted to me . he asked me not to learn dance,i m confused what shall i do. aaliya asks her. to learn dance from ruhi,where is she vandhu says she is at jewellery shop.

Nidhi asks Ashok to call his men. Ashok calls his men and says whAT you fools. how can this happen i m coming. she asks what happened. He says this game has got bigger and more interesting now.

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