Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) 6th August 2016 Written Update Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) 6th August 2016 Written Update Episode: Ishita get married to Raman in order to closer to his daughter Ruhi, her life changes when Raman’s ex wife shagun creates problem in between them. so episodes starts when Romi  talking to a girl and thanks her for coming in his life. Mihika came and gave him sweets saying  Shaguns and Mani’s marriage is tomorrow .. and then Romi said i know and i had alot work to do in offce but i surely come and attend that marriage… while leaving Mihika ask Romi to whom u going to attend ur meeting tomorrow and he replied i dont like someone questioning me ..and y you behaving  like cheap doubtful wives  and Mihika said i am also not interested in doing this .. but u make me doing this cheap things and leave …

Raman hug’s Mani and said him he did not get that letter ,, you concentrate on marriage .. and then mrs Bhalla came ask mani to take care of pihu ,, Mani said i assure u i will take care of Pihu alwayz .. and she blessed him then ..

ishita shows jewellery to shagun, and she said i need to talk to u and raman


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) 6th August 2016 Written Update Episode 

they go to raman and call abhishek if he found anything about letter ,, shagun tells raman that she get worried for pihu and she konw surely that pihu get disturbed .. and i will take pihu along with me at mani’s house.. i want to talk to her my way .. just for few days, can pihu go with me please. can pihu go with me .. instanly ruhi came and say no way.. u acnt take pihu like this ., pihu is very much aware how to live without u ,, shagun say pihu is vey much emotional and sensitive how can we give her shock like this ..

pihu said i think we should tell ruhi that ishi maa is her real mom .. last time ishi maa stopped me ,i will  explain her, shagun said how can you explain her she need her mom and i am her real mom ..ruhii said you are not her real mom , you are just like her real mom ,, ishi maa is her real mom,, shagun cries, then ishita says shagun is pihu’s real mom .. raman  say enough ruhi and take her along with him..then ishita consoles shagun and give her tissue.. and ask her not to feel bad for ruhi’s word, you are pihus mom , so pls dont cry .

pihu is playing and gets slams  with a man ,, and bangles  falls down , she asks him whose bangles is it. he tells about marriage at her home, she says whose , he asks i have a name of groom and bride shagun and ………pihu says what, mummy and papa are marrying and my papa name is raman. and she runs ,, he says listen but grooms name is mani,, pihu with a joy runs to adi and say i want to know mumma’s surprise .. mumma and papa are marrying? .. adi says what is pihu saying

pihu hug shagun and ask her her to know about her surprise , i am so happie , everyone looks up to them ..mani greets pihu and ask her will u became my friend and pihu shakes hand with him. The man then to whom pihu collides came and deliver bangles to shagun and congratulate shagun and mani for marriage .. pihu says my papa name is raman why did u said mani’s name. the man say i was telling you downstairs your mumma is marrying to mani. adi ask him to leave. pihu said shagun why u did this if you are raman’s wife can she marry mani..She says i hate u and runs from there and mani goes afterr him ..

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (YHM) 6th August 2016 WU full Episode

pihu went to raman and ask why u did this this to  shagun.. why you said  her to marry  with mani .. ishita say we all here with shagun.. u dont be panic please ..then pihu said you are lying, i know my mumma is not marrying papa is   because of this aunty.since this aunty came everything is going wrong in this house ,, why is she stying in this house ,, go aunty now .. ishita cries and leave from there. pihu said to raman why u did this to mumma .. then there outside shagun looks for pihu where is she .. mani said her she is with raman i think .. shagun cries and said mani that thats y i worried .. i will lost her i dont want to lose her .  i need to talk to her right now .. mani said we will talk to her // shagun said i will not go to ur house without pihu .. u have to go and talk to ishita and raman for this ,, mani said u dont i will talk to ishita and raman for this .. shagun say please go and talk right now … please . mani said okey i am going u please stop crying . and he leaves ..

ishita crying , mrs bhalla ask ishita not to cry ,, i will talk to pihu for this that u are her real mom. .. and then ruhi tells her about story of yashoda and devki .. ishita replied to that shagun is yashoda and i am devki she will never came to me .. she should go with shagun .. ruhi looks up .. ishita says i want pihus happiness and she will be happy with shagun.. ruhi said how can u say this how can you give pihu to shagun if she is ur daughter ,, she is angry. we will talk to her.. you have to tell her truth .. i dont want her to take wrong decision for which u had regret in future .. so plss tell her truth ,, we all are wuth uh .. y you giving up easily .. mrss bhalla said yes ruhi is right

mani ent to raman and raman said him that i am very much confused .. mani said i think pihu should stay with shagun i have seen her ..then rman said u know na pihu is in shock she want me to marry shagun she will never accept u .. ,mani said we will talk to her ,, if she can stay with shagun .. ishita also said that shagun is pihu’s real mom.. raman replied to mani let me think .. Shagun crying and mani came tell her that i talked to raman about this .. he need sometime .. shagun said i am afraid of this.. ishita came and said raman pihu will not go with shagun and mani she will stay here .. she is mine daughter too. mani say but ishitaa,, ishita said no if shee goes problem increases .. shagun said thats not fair to me and criess ishita said sorry shagun but we will have to tell her truth .. shagun leaves from there .. ishita stopping but ruhi stopped her and tell not to stop her ..

shagun smiles and  its happenning as per my plan ishita thinks she is smart but she dont know who i am.. she calls that man with bangles and tell pihu about shagun and mani’s marriage .. she gave him pihus. pics and some mone.  At last ruhi said ishita dont be sry and pleased u took a good and right decision so be with ur words i am always with uh .

on next episode .. shagun will ask pihu to run from marriage .. then ishita came to shagun to get ready for marriage shagun : u all dont even know what will happen after marriage ….

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