Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Monday Episode |15th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Monday Episode 15th August 2016 Written update wu; The Episode Starts with Ishita and Raman talking about Pihu. Ishita said to Raman that before saying truth to Pihu, we should talk to her first and convince her because right now she is not bleiving to anyone. Ishita thanks to Raman and said I felt you will not agree with my Opinion. She asks him to go and make Pihu ready as her Mummy.Then he asks to Ishita that why did you felt that I won’t agree ? “If I can manage Pihu’s Mummy then why not Pihu” !!! Then Ishita replied because you say you are a man. Raman says that “Raavan Kumar can become Sita Mayiya for You”. Then Raman holds Ishita closely to him and said now say that I can do this. And Ishita says Ok Ok Fine “You can become a good Mumma”.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th August 2016 Written update Episode

Then suddenly Neelu entered the room and Raman left the Ishita and Neelu told them that Mihir has come. Ishita says don’t worry I will handle that. She talks to Mihir and she said he want to see Pihu and Ishita said Raman is at home. Then Mihir asks her to get sign on papers he has brought. Ishita said ok I will get that done and went off. Then Romi came and Mihir greets him. Mihir says to Romi that you have  lots of stress but still you chill well and by saying that he called Vicky bring a Champagne bottle. Romi asks Mihir that what is your problem. Mihir replied I meant you and Mihika had a plan. By listening this Romi lost his temper and scolds him not to spy on him and he clearlt mentioned that I am not Raman who will bear your Non-Sense. Mihir said relax man. Then, hen Romi went off Mihir thinks why Romi is getting anger on such a small thing.

Raman went to Pihu wakes her up. After seeing her Dad made her woke up, She smiles and hugged him. Then “Dil se Dil ka Rishta jo hai” songs plays….. Ishita smiles by seeing both of them like this.Raman makes Pihu ready for school. Ishita and Ruhi both helped Raman. As Raman could not make Pihu’s hair, by seeing this both Ishita and Ruhi starts laughing. Then Ruhi goes and made the hair plaits. Pihu hugs Raman and Ruhi tightly and Ishita smiles at the door and looking at them. Mani greets Shagun and gave her morning tea. He says ,Sorry Aaliya is still sleeping so Shagun takes the tea and thanked him. Mani says just relax, I know without knowing each other we got married to each other. Don’t worry we both need time to accept each other, we have a long life, so just relax. Then Shagun says I am so lucky to het a person like you in my life. Then Shagun tells Mani that she has planned to meet Pihu at her school. Mani says that’s a good idea and I am sure Pihu’s mood will be good.

YHM 15th August 2016 Wu episode

Romi talks on Phone recalles about Mihir’s words. Girl asked him what happened, why are you looking so disturbed “Can I help you”. Romi says No you can’t beacause now nothing can happen. I have lost the chance to get the big Contract. And this contract is given to Raman. She says don’y worry he is your brother talk to him and tell him that this contract is very important for you beacue sometimes we can get things by asking. Then Romi said that relation between him and Raman is getting fine and he doesn’t want to spoil the things because of this Contract. Then he says I need to talk to someone else.

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