Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Monday Episode |24th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Monday Episode 24th August 2016 Written update wu:-

So the episodes starts from here that Raman is talking to ruhi and pihu .. and then pihu said to raman that she liked her dress now u make chocolate cookies for without taking help from anyone … and then pihu says that she is going to iyer house with ruhi and then Raman goes to kitchen for making chocolate cookies ,, ishita came there ask him if he need help then raman replied no he is going to make this cookies his own .. and then romi say sanchi to not to make games with me ..  then sanchi says that i dont kbow this is yous house , she shuts the door and come in then romi said that she is mad girl,,, on other side raman in kitchen is making cookies and call came and disturbs him ..  his recipies got changed .. he said ok now let cookies to be burnt and i will get fresh wash . then ishita came there and saw that  cookies has burnt .. and raman came there she said to him that see ur cookies has burnt .. raman said how this possible i make it with full recepi . then ishita said u added wrong crisp in it thats why .. then ishita said make it again and now i will helo uh .. then raman said no ..


        Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 24th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Then ishita said that you will manage a big company easily . then why this not ,,  then she said when first time i had made non veg you  helped me .. so today same like that i will help you for making cookies raman said no … then ishita said fine i will stay here .. then ruhi mihir and aaliya came  there … then raman said ishita that stand and said what to do .. then raman said mihir that i had no time to talk  and mihir said okk .. and ishita ties rakhi to mihir .. and say alliya that i missed her everyday .. and gifts her .. then adi came there he says come and we discuss about projects ..

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