Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Monday Episode |24th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Monday Episode 24th August 2016 Written update wu:-

So the episodes starts from here that Raman is talking to ruhi and pihu .. and then pihu said to raman that she liked her dress now u make chocolate cookies for without taking help from anyone … and then pihu says that she is going to iyer house with ruhi and then Raman goes to kitchen for making chocolate cookies ,, ishita came there ask him if he need help then raman replied no he is going to make this cookies his own .. and then romi say sanchi to not to make games with me ..  then sanchi says that i dont kbow this is yous house , she shuts the door and come in then romi said that she is mad girl,,, on other side raman in kitchen is making cookies and call came and disturbs him ..  his recipies got changed .. he said ok now let cookies to be burnt and i will get fresh wash . then ishita came there and saw that  cookies has burnt .. and raman came there she said to him that see ur cookies has burnt .. raman said how this possible i make it with full recepi . then ishita said u added wrong crisp in it thats why .. then ishita said make it again and now i will helo uh .. then raman said no ..


        Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} 24th August 2016 Written update (wu)

Then ishita said that you will manage a big company easily . then why this not ,,  then she said when first time i had made non veg you  helped me .. so today same like that i will help you for making cookies raman said no … then ishita said fine i will stay here .. then ruhi mihir and aaliya came  there … then raman said ishita that stand and said what to do .. then raman said mihir that i had no time to talk  and mihir said okk .. and ishita ties rakhi to mihir .. and say alliya that i missed her everyday .. and gifts her .. then adi came there he says come and we discuss about projects ..

Then aaliya said i want to talk to u very much .. ishita says ok start .. and she said ok let me start first  with yopur  beauty ,, and u blushing this shows that you are in love .. aaliya said that was not right  then ishita said i am your amma u cant hide anything from me . then aaliya said yes  but its complicated ,, i also dont know either he loves me or not .. but when i get answer i tell uh first ,, the ishita received message for studies and ask aaliya that how to study again i also dont know then aaliya said u r saying this .. ok let us make your studies intresting if u give right answer  we will give you prize ok .. she said how … then aaliya said if u give right answer then u will get chance to hug ruhi .. then ishita laughs and said u know very well how to convince me .. then ishita and aaliya set them for studies  and  ishita give right answer and goes ang hug ruhi .. then again aaliya questioned her and she again gave right answer and goes and hug ruhi .. then ruhi understand the  game and smiles .. then raman saw them and hug ruhi and ishita both and then calls aaliya .. then they all have group hug .. (Yeh Hai Mohabbatein YHM Wednesday Episode 24th August 2016 Written update wu)

Then raman  has done with his cookies now cookies has made then he offered cookies to pihu  pihu liked cookies  everyone clapss for raman then  aaliya said amma , you and raman do well .  amd ishita and raman thanks to oll ..   then  isihita say i m too epiie to answer right and getting hug ruhi again again .. and then all smiles there .

then while making cookies raman has burnt his hand .. becaouse he forgot to wear oven gloves and ishita said .  come i will oint her .  then ishita said now the time has came we both start understanding each others work . .. and ishita then said i too had pain in my wrist by writing ,, raman said her to take rest ,, and massages her .. then raman said if we both sacrificing so  much for pihu .. i know she will come back to us definately ….

                Yeh Hai Mohabbatein {YHM} Wednesday Episode WU

Ishita wake up early by the alarm and raman also .. she get panic how she will manage all this how children do so much work .. raman said her no to worry all will done slowly slowly u go to office and u know how to do this and ishita said then wo will manage home then raman said i m here in home i will manage let reverse jobs .. u go there u only tell me where were pihu art book . she said i already kept that .. then raman said how you manage all this then .. ishita says like you manage your business same is with me .. then they discuss on proects and scrap books and the song of yeh hai mohabbatein has play .. then doorbell rings and ishita said to raman i think this was milkman .. then raman said ishita said u go ang get ready for office i will take milk .. and he goes and milkman said u .. and rman said yes me .. now what u wont gave me milk or what gave the same quantity as u gave daily ..

Then Ishita gets ready for office and talking to aaliya .. the raman said to do fast either u get late for board meeting .. and he said that i told adi to came u go .. he said files and cash was in drawer .. and said her to not to miss her lunch while in meeting … ishita says how will i remember this then raman said i will remind uh .. then aaliya caal her and ask her all d best .. and ishita smiles and says she is like my best friend .. and then ishita said raman that dont tell anyone but u know onething aaliya is in love ..


so in next episode ishita get shocked because a man came in office and ishita ask him sorry i cant  identify you .. the man then said i am your company’s investor and i want my money back for this project .. then mihir how u can do this .. then ashok has came there and ask why ….

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