(YHM) Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

YHM Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update;  So todays episode starts with when Shagun praying in front of god .. and then said Shagun say to romi that i feel sorry for all my misunderstandings . then Romi replied please forget everything . Shagun smiles  think u can forget everything but i cant forget .. then ishita came and say see how beautiful she {shagun} is looking .. then Shagun smiled and hug ishita and said that this will effect uh surely .. then Raman ask all of them to leave noe because Mihir is calling from court they  already all are reached .. then Ishita says them all to go .. and she will come later . Shagun thinks that now i am going but i will come back .. when they reached court Aaliya compliments her and hug shagun …. shagun smiles .. then mani came and again compliments her and ask them for Ishita ..  then Raman she will come soon as she has some work to do with documnts .. then lawyer  came and ask everycome to come inside for further documentary  wrok and ask everyone to switch off their phones ..

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update 

Ishita is checking papers and while checking she gets call form man .. and ask him to come soon and collect them i have to leave  .. came quickly .. then Abishek says that there is no idea , how this can pe possible that kidnapper did not met Anil , Ishita , Shagun and Priyanka … then Abhishek reminds that seeing Shagun at anils house .. then he worried is shagun is behind this kidnapping or what .. he asks his mates to get all record of calls of Shagun ..

then ishita calls to Raman and said him that she got all papers ready and leaving soon .. then ishita think it will take time .. so she thinks to leave and Neelu will provide this documents to that man … then she got anils letter inside that drawer ,, and she remind of words of Abhishek that Raman is finding that letter  and Ishita opens that letter ..

then while reading that letter .. Ishita copletely get shocked be seeing that there is shagun’s name in front of that letter … she said how this could be possible that Shagun kidnapped me .. this not be possible .. then ishita read that letter fully and said this means that Shagun is not what is she now.. by reading that letter there also written that shagun hates ishita .. because Shagun says that ishita took her place . after 7 years .. and then anil written that i am very helpless thats why i am taking this step .. thats y i had to tell this truth .. before  my death / then start crying and thinks about all the lies of Shagun..continue reading: yhm Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update.


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Ishita says then die man will never say lie .. Shagun is the culprit .. and  no one in this family will get to know about the truth of shagun .. and what about mani’s life .. ishita says i spoiled everything .. and make mani helpless to marry shagun .. and she leaves for court to stop the marriage .. ishita calls to mani but his phone is silent .. so he not attending her call .. she rushes outside and meet Abhishek .. and Abhishek says her about shagun that she is a kidnapper and we have to stop her for doing this marriage , and they both leave to court //..

Raman is calling ishita  coninously but she is not attending because she forget her phone in room .. mihika came then and ask raman to come inside .. then abhishek ask ishita to call to raman from his phone .. she called him but his phone is silent ,, she start crying y this happen and i dont even have idea about that .. then Abhsihek says dont to be worry ,, this time shagun got arrested surely .. Ishita cries and said that i ruins Mani’s life …

lawyers in the court checkout all the papers said that all is fine lets start now ,,, if u had rings with then u both allow wear that now ,,, so Mani then wear ring to Shagun and she smiles .. and this now no one can save this family from me ,, .. by seeing her thinking aaliya asks her does she dont like ring shagun replied its just beautiful … and shagun wear ring to Mani .. and everyone claps … and smile ….

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YHM 8th August 2016 (Monday) Written Episode Update (WU)

Shagun ask them where is ishita she didnt came till now .. then Mihika say Shagun dont i spoke to Neelu she said that ishita left from home .. then Raman said that i think we all should wait for she is very excited for todays day ,, shagun agreed .. but the lawyers said thatt we cant wait for oll day we have another work to do .. they ask shagun and mani to sign ,, she signing but pen dont worked … and ask anyone had another pen // them Raman came outside and calls Ishita but he get call form her .. ishita said him that Raman i need to talk about something imp .. she said to him that u pls stop marriage till i came there .. raman replies are you out of your mind .. then romi calls raman .. and raman said ishita to come soon and end the call .. ishita get worried ..

then shagun got the pen .. she ask raman where is ishita .. raman said her that she is on her way with abhishek and told me to stop the marriage she is very much excited for ur marriage .. shagun thinks this means now ishita got to know my truth now .. then the lawyers tell them sign fast more cuples are waiting ouside ,, but mrs bhalla anyhow convinced lawyer to wait for  5 mins till ishita come .. then ishita says to herself of i show this letter  to everyone.. everyone ill be sure that Shagun cheated to us…

then Abhishek and ishita both reached to the court they both are running .. and then ishita collapse with a lady  and her papers falls and of lady too . she picks them and give to her .. Abhishek relpied come ishita we have to go do fast … and then they seeing that Mani and Shagun both are coming outside from court by exchanging thier rings   ishita start crying when she saw Shagun had sindoor .. raman ask ishita where were you now they both are married… ishita say to Shagun how could you do this  to all of us .. shagun said what u mean ..ishita replied that this is anils confidential letter in which he clearly said that  u kidnapped me … and everyone there get shocked by hearing this ..

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